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Dafen Forum

The Project in a Nutshell:

Dafen Forum aims to host an annual Christmas event for local children with additional learning needs (ALNs), such as Autism and ADHD, for the next two years. The celebration will include sensory-friendly activities like silent fireworks, non-triggering Santa’s grotto, and fair rides, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment.

    Why This Matters:

      The Dafen Forum Christmas Celebration provides a unique opportunity for children with ALNs and their families to enjoy a festive event tailored to their needs. By offering a quiet, controlled, and inclusive environment, the project addresses the social exclusion these children often face at typical community events. This initiative fosters a sense of belonging, helps build new friendships, and strengthens support networks. Additionally, it enhances community development by creating a welcoming space where everyone feels valued. By partnering with local schools and charities, the event also promotes awareness and access to services for children with ALNs and their carers.