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Draig Arian Explorer Scouts

The Project in a Nutshell:

Lily-May and Sam,from Draig Arian Explorer Scouts, are representing Wales and the UK, Roverway 2024, a two-week expedition in Norway. This opportunity will enable them to immerse in Norwegian culture, interact with scouts worldwide, and develop crucial life skills.

    Why This Matters:

    • Community Development: Lily-May and Sam’s participation in Roverway 2024 fosters personal growth, social skills, and cultural understanding, enhancing their roles as well-rounded individuals within the Swansea community.
    • Promoting Welsh and UK Scouting: Their involvement promotes scouting values, potentially inspiring more youth to join, consequently contributing to community engagement and reducing anti-social behavior.
    • Personal Growth: Through international networking, teamwork, and independence-building experiences, Lily-May and Sam develop interpersonal skills, independence, and personal growth, becoming assets to the Swansea community.