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Dyslexia Club – Swansea

The Project in a Nutshell:

The Weekly Dyslexia Club offers a weekly term-time gathering for dyslexic youth aged 8 to 18 in Swansea. Through engaging activities tailored to their strengths, the club aims to foster confidence, well-being, and social connections among dyslexic youngsters, providing them a supportive community where they can thrive.

    Why This Matters:

    • Community and Connection: The club builds a supportive community for dyslexic youth, allowing them to form connections with peers who share similar experiences. Through regular gatherings, they develop a sense of belonging and realize they are not alone in their struggles.
    • Enhanced Well-being: By participating in enjoyable activities designed to highlight their strengths, dyslexic youth experience improved self-esteem and well-being. The club provides a safe space where they can explore their abilities and feel good about themselves.
    • Social Skills Development: Through interactions at the club and feedback from parents and carers, improvements in social skills become evident. The structured sessions offer opportunities for practicing communication, teamwork, and sharing, contributing to their overall development and confidence.