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Green Scene Swansea CIC

The Project in a Nutshell:

Green Scene Swansea plans to organise monthly gardening volunteer sessions at Brynmill Primary School, aiming to develop and maintain the school grounds for the community. These sessions will involve various tasks such as weeding, planting, and watering, providing an opportunity for residents, parents, children, students, and teachers to come together and engage in gardening activities.

    Why This Matters:

    • Community Engagement: By offering gardening sessions, Green Scene Swansea aims to bring together residents from diverse backgrounds, parents, children, students, and teachers to collaborate on improving the school grounds. This initiative fosters community cohesion and strengthens relationships among participants.
    • Environmental Impact: The project contributes to improving the local environment by adding greenery to the school grounds, making them more vibrant and sustainable. By attracting wildlife and promoting biodiversity, the initiative creates a healthier and more attractive environment for the school and surrounding community.
    • Educational Opportunities: Through these sessions, participants, including pupils and community members, have the chance to interact with nature, learn gardening skills, and develop an appreciation for environmental stewardship. This hands-on experience fosters a deeper connection with the natural world and promotes sustainable practices within the community.