Local businesses working together to give back

Mumbles Lifeguard Club

The Project in a Nutshell:

Mumbles Lifeguard Club needs new lifeguard equipment to accommodate increased membership. Trained volunteer lifeguards will teach all club members how to use the equipment safely and correctly which will ensure effective training and improved water safety skills for all members.

    Why This Matters:

      The 184 club members, ranging from ages 7 to 60+, will directly benefit from the new equipment. The wider community also benefits as more individuals trained in water safety and lifeguard skills contribute to safer local beaches. The project fosters intergenerational connections and promotes inclusive activities where families can train together. The club, which has been training members since 1996, provides a consistent, welcoming, and professional environment where people learn vital water safety skills and gain lifeguard qualifications. These skills enhance community safety, support local tourism, and improve physical and mental health. Additionally, the club’s volunteer services at major events and local beaches highlight its broader impact on community well-being and safety.