Local businesses working together to give back

Rosehill Community Football Club

The Project in a Nutshell:

Rosehill Community Football Club urgently needs changing rooms and toilet facilities to enter the league and support its recently established men’s and women’s teams. The project involves acquiring and outfitting two shipping containers as changing rooms and installing two toilets, with the help of club members, to ensure the continued growth and success of the club.

    Why This Matters:

      The facilities will benefit all 300 members of the club, ranging across various ages and abilities. This includes over 80% of members who have additional needs or mental health issues. The project will provide a supportive and inclusive environment for the community, fostering relationships, improving mental health and well-being, and promoting physical fitness. The project will strengthen local relationships and build an inclusive community where everyone feels valued, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. Without these facilities, the club risks losing its adult teams, which are crucial for many individuals’ mental and physical health. The project supports a deprived area, turning the club into a vital community hub for Townhill.