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Surfability: Healing Waves for Mental Health

The Project in a Nutshell

Surfability UK CIC, in collaboration with Cefn Coed Hospital, presents “Surfability: Healing Waves for Mental Health.” This transformative year-long project aims to provide weekly surf therapy sessions at Caswell Bay to adults in-patient treatment for acute mental health issues and with funding from Swansea Bay Foundation can really make a difference.. By embracing the unique physical and mental challenges of surfing, our project seeks to enhance participants’ overall wellbeing, confidence, and sense of connection.

    Why This Matters:

      Empowering Wellbeing: Living with acute mental health issues can be an isolating experience. By giving funding to this project, it will empower participants to challenge themselves in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment. Through therapeutic surf sessions, individuals can achieve an improved sense of mental and physical wellbeing, boost self-esteem, and gain confidence.

    Meaningful Connection: Social isolation often accompanies mental health challenges. Surfability’s project offers participants the opportunity to engage with a supportive community beyond the hospital walls. Building connections and camaraderie within the group and the wider community is a vital aspect of this initiative.

    Embracing the Outdoors: Many individuals facing mental health issues have limited access to the natural world. This project not only grants access to the beach and ocean environment but encourages participants to immerse themselves fully in the healing power of nature. Connecting with the natural world is an essential part of the therapeutic experience.

    You can find out more about the work that Surfability does on their website http://www.surfabilityukcic.org