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Swansea Cats and Kittens

The Project in a Nutshell:

Swansea Cats and Kittens is a community-driven initiative and currently has a project aimed at addressing the population of feral and abandoned cats in the Townhill and Mayhill areas of Swansea. Through collaboration with local residents, the project will trap, neuter, and return or rehome unowned cats, while providing education on cat neutering and establishing sustainable action groups.

    Why This Matters:

      • Community Development: By engaging with residents to tackle the issue of unowned cats, the project fosters community cohesion and empowerment. Through collaboration and shared responsibility, residents become actively involved in managing local challenges, strengthening relationships, and building a sense of inclusivity and belonging.
      • Reduction of Distress: The project addresses distressing encounters with unowned cats, such as spraying, yowling, and attacks on owned cats, which cause anxiety and distress to residents. By reducing these behaviors through neutering and population control, the project aims to alleviate residents’ concerns and improve overall well-being.
      • Environmental Improvement: The initiative leads to a reduction in the number of unowned cats and associated anti-social behaviours, resulting in an improved local environment. By mitigating issues such as spraying and yowling, the project contributes to creating a more peaceful and harmonious community space, enhancing residents’ quality of life.